Empty Products!

Hey Y'all

I hope your Monday is going well ! 

So, funny story. See, I have a YouTube channel, and I used to upload on it quite regularly, but then the joys of life came into the mix, and i totally neglected it for like a year and a bit. 

That being said, because I was just buying stuff sporadially, I never would film any haul videos, or anything like that. BUT that didn't mean that I wasn't going through products and buying them / using them etc. 

That being said, lol over this last year or so, i have filmed a few 'empty videos' ... But I have just kept them on 'private' on  YouTube, because... They were just kind of random. 

Anyways, without this being any more rambley than it needs to be lol. Now that I am uploading fairly consistently, I thought I would put the lastest "Empty Video" I have done on live to share with you guys.... I mean, if this is even your jam at all.

Personally, I love empty videos. I find that when i hear / see YouTubers recommending a product that they have been using for a short period of time... I just think how can you even know if you liked that yet or not. So, when I see an empties vid... I trust the opinion that much more. 

What about you ? Do you like empties videos ? or do you like more haul type videos ?