My Microblading Experience

Hey Guys!! 

I have been procrastinating about doing a blog post, and or a YouTube video for SOOO long now. And truthfully, there WAS a reason I was holding off on doing the video, and now it has been SO long since my initial appointment, I would rather just get this done and over with and out of the way. 

That sounds a bit negative, but I promise that it's not. 

But that being said, I was lucky enough to be my friend Randi's model for her final microblading model. And I know some of you may be thinking that... You would want to make sure that a person is GOOD at something first, before going through a procedure like this. 

But, there was a few reasons of which I wasn't too apprehensive about being Randi's model. 

1. I have been a model for Randi multiple times now, and she is pro at like everything that she does. 

2. These situations are always under supervision from a educator / teacher

3. Microblading typically last between 12 - 16 months. 

So what IS Microblading ???

By definition, Microblading is : Microblading is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi permanent, as compared to  traditional hairstroke technique. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis.

Basically, there is a small, almost exacto knife looking blade, that is dipped into some ink, and then sliced into your face. 

... That sounds totally gruesome. But take a word from a self proclaimed whimp... It really isn't that bad! 

The part that takes the longest in the process ( which rightfully so...) is drawing on your brows, and where the strokes should go. This is so essential, because you don't want your brows to be off by any means. 

Now, I am not sure how this will differ from company to company. But there were a ton of colors for Randi to choose from, and you can even mix and match the colors. I think this would be SO beneficial to other hairstylists out there, since we have a better understanding of color, and how, and what colors compliment others the most. 

Alright, now for the part that I think majority of you are waiting for me to talk about... The pain. Truthfully, and let me tell you again.. I have a very low pain tolerance. This was REALLY not bad at all. They did offer freezing, but truthfully they put the freezing on, and by time they finished drawing out my brows, the freezing had already worn off.

At worst, it felt like a paper cut across the face. Which obviously isn't pleasurable, BUT also wasn't that bad either. Albeit, to be fair... Be it that it was Randi's third time doing this, she also may not / probably wasn't pressing as hard as necessary and therefore not going as deep so she wasn't hurting me as much. 

Now... The final result was awesome! I don't feel that any of the pictures i got before, or after show any true depiction of how nice the after effect was. BUT that being said, I also know that they weren't done to their maximum potential since Randi was still so new at it. 

With that said, would I do it again?? 
100% !! I would love to do this again, and am seriously interested in taking the course myself. It has been SOOO nice to not have to fill in my brows, and just wake up feeling, so refreshed, yet defined! 

 PS. that is mainly all ink all over my forehead

PS. that is mainly all ink all over my forehead



I will add / note that you ARE supposed to go for a touch up, 4 weeks after your initial appointment because swelling occurs and they aren't able to put the maximum amount of strokes into the brow area. This is what I was waiting for to complete the YouTube video and blog post, but unfortunately Randi and I were not able to coordinate schedules, and so much time has passed that I would rather just wait and get them done from scratch in a years time or so!

So these pictures that you are seeing only are HALF done, and were done by someone brand new. That has me SOO excited for the next time I get them done, because if I loved them this much, with these two limiting circumstances, I can only imagine how much I will love them when they are done fully! 

Have you had your brows microbladed? Would you get yours done ?