Summer Scents Keeping Your Memories In Check | Memoize

Nothing brings life again to a forgotten memory like fragrance - Quote of the day.

I feel as though i am going to start off this post, much like my last one. However, lol... I remember when Paul and I first were talking - i had told him how my 8 year old brother Brandon, had the hugest stash of cologne. Much inspired by my dad ! They both can be quite heavy handed when applying it, and has just kind of become the running joke amongst some of my family members.

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Sorcery, or something like it : Realine Beauty Eye & Smile Masks

I think it’s safe to say, that long gone are the days of the stigmas that are typically attached to Botox and Fillers. We all know someone who has got it, or even has had it themselves. 

For me, I will not hesitate in telling you, I have had botox before, and if filler was a little bit more affordable, I would have probably tried filler by now as well. 

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