Nicole Fiona Serrao Influencer Advisor Brand Bestie

Hi ! I’m Nicole, and I am a Beautician turned Blogger. I have a such healthy obsession with Social Media & Marketing! Over the years, I have become an Influencer Advisor to some… and a Brand Bestie to others. Basically meaning, over the years as I have cultivated a community on my instagram I have been able to position myself as an authority to other up and coming Bloggers & Influencers. As well as getting to meet and advise a variety of business and brands as per how to implement their social + influencer marketing strategies.

Although you cannot find me working in the salon these days, I still LOVE all things beauty. And I love that my blog + social’s help me showcase that. Whether it is showing you the newest beauty item I have implemented into my routine. Or whether it is the beauty of a new location, I love admiring all things that are beautiful!

As a strong believer in the saying “ Life should be enjoyed, not endured’, this blog + business has become a place of showing my follower’s the beauty in life, and showing them just how they can enjoy it.

If you are new here, send me a message introducing yourself, I would love to get to know you better.

Nicole Fiona Serrao Influencer Advisor Brand Bestie Digital Content Creator
Nicole Fiona Serrao Host Of The Bloom & Tell Podcast