was born in late 2015 while looking for a place to categorize all areas of my life after finding a slightly chaotic, but grace filled way of life. 

After realizing, that you never realize will never understand God’s specific will for your life, until you start walking out His general will for your life… I decided to take the plunge, and start steering my life in the right direction. 

Graduating from Beauty School in 2015 ( this was almost a 6 year process, long story, but I will share it one day ), my life began to flourish. Although the things that keep me busy Monday through Sunday are very different, they keep me very balanced. 

Throughout the six years that it took me to complete hair school, I found myself in a few professions. And although some of them are more or less my intrinsic qualities, and others have just happened to have fallen in my lap. I am having a great time trying to balance all of them. 

Primarily, I have found myself as a Beautician, Videographer, Wellness Coach, Part - Time Gypsy… But most of all, Entrepreneur. 

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Nicole is a blogger who completely overhauled her life, diet, and faith in the past year. She shares advice, recipes, faith, progress updates, videos along with her beautiful fashion updates.